It is NOT science fiction although we have seen it in many movies. It is real that light is biochemistry and that sound is what moves and massages the forms. Therefore, the medicine of the future will be based on physics, rather than chemistry.

Scientists today use colors expanding the rainbow and seeing that there are black absorption lines in the middle of the colors, in this way they know what a planet is made of or any object burning, the light that it gives off expresses its chemical composition. So we know what the planets and stars are composed of, by their light. It is called a spectroscope to see Fraunhoffer lines, name of who discovered what we call the stairway of life.


However, they have forgotten that without photosynthesis there is no life and that this is shown by the complementary colors and by all the nature that absorbs a color that we do not see and emits the complementary that we see. We already know how difficult it is to correctly show colors and their variations both in print and on different screens of televisions or computers. We are already getting the perfect complementary colors with laser light. This will be an advance to show where they left us the videos of Le Point Le Primer Field, which called constructive and destructive colors.

If the complementary color disappears from sight, where does that energy go? That is the question we must answer.



The advantages are that all treatments are performed topically, through the skin, without the need for anything to happen through the digestive system. Since in reality each person has different digestive energy imbalances, because emotions greatly influence digestion.

entrelazamiento cuantico



We also study future changes and evolution of the human species into more luminous conscious humanity. There is a reason why we are using the Magnetic Plasma of hydrogen and nitrogen. Hydrogen is a motor of energy in the fluids of our body and will resonate with it, and we flood our carbon based physical system with nitrogen to survive the decay of Oxygen in our future atmosphere and as we adapt slowly to new atmospheric and ambient conditions of our planet. We would have to slowly change our iron based blood, with iron in the center of the molecule for hemoglobin. While plant life metabolism has the same molecule with magnesium in the center of the chlorophyll, instead of iron in our molecular structure. This allows for the vegetable kingdom to do photosynthesis and use nitrogen while expelling oxygen in our atmosphere. A slight change in the photosynthesis of humans would be to adapt to absorb the 70% of nitrogen that composes our atmosphere instead of living from the 21% oxygen in planet Earth.



Then a nitrogen based blood would be based on phosphorus in the center of the molecule of hemoglobin, which will give more bioluminescence to our bodies, due to several factors. Our blood will have two possibilities: one red, maybe still mutating from the previous biological state and another white more evolved and already mutated to another type of metabolism and life breath existence. Knowing that the structure of our bones calcium phosphate also could become more and more crystalline which could be ignited by the blood. Due that when in contact with the air and oxygen instead of becoming red like now, white blood would ignite with a spark of light. So then from the inside of our bodies by breathing in nitrogen from our atmosphere will become more and more bioluminescent towards the evolution of the 5th Density. Our bones are already crystalline in nature and would become pure crystal that would radiate light, helped by the nitrogen based metabolism.



More about our future evolution will be the change of the sphenoid bone in the cranium and obtaining a new shape more spherical and concave. The exact perfect center of a concave cranium is the Turkish saddle of the butterfly bone, the important sphenoid bone and we know the hypothalamus connected to the planet Earth with the same resonant frequency of Schumann resonance, the pituitary gland connected to all other glands in our bodies and the pineal gland connected to beyond, all sit on top of the shape like structure like a Turkish saddle and they will then rest and cradle in the perfect center of our future cranium. Then an individual unique plasma flame will be ignited in our pineal and other glands to help us evolve even more into Homo Luminous beings. This research is in with the video of a French Paleontologist that discovered the big changes, leaps in evolution of the curvature of the sphenoid bone.


We believe in the power of the mind and if we should know what happens in our body to give the correct orders to the brain to take care of it. We know that the Russians have also shown that they have come to regenerate extirpated organs that were no longer there if the person creates in his mind the perfect hologram of the healthy organ with a light stimulation. We can do the same with these LUX instruments, it depends on the concentration of each individual and the knowledge of what he has to tell his brain what to do; produce stem cells and take them to that area, generate myelin for the nerves, stimulate blood or lymphatic circulation, etc ... Everything that you look with your eyes, since it is the most evolved organ and in contact with the brain, will do the magic of reactivating dormant healing aspects in your organism. Therefore to see images and especially in 3D would help a lot, there are already Apps for mobiles that you can see in 3D and move inside the body to visualize correctly what you want to do.


In the future, all health imbalances can be scanned and corrected by emitting the right light, color or sound. Now we are just trying to get closer and experience something totally new. It is a different world, but less complicated than chemistry that presents so many variants. In this case, it is more important to personalize the treatment than to have so many biochemical variants.

These are the first steps and we hope to continue advancing without incurring setbacks, to vary the currents existing today to maintain health.


At this moment we are recovering and evolving the legacies of Nikola Tesla and Anton Priore, writings and patents that Colonel Tom Bearden gave us, known for everything he explained to us, both in electricity and vacuum energy as well as in medicine. But he also gave us clues on how to improve it, since we already have more advanced technologies and elements to do it. Lasers were something primary at that time, now everything is based on Laser technology. There is also a new subject in the US and Russian Universities called Material Engineering Technology and above all it tries to crystallize all the metals and elements of the periodic table, each one presenting different properties for technology as for medicine.

We have really reached the philosopher's stone, the Russians say that we can change any element of the periodic table with frequencies and temperature. This is called Transmutation and not only can we produce gold from lead, but new industries are emerging, transmuting nickel to copper, since nickel is cheaper. Also the best thing is that we are passing radioactive elements to non-radioactive ones. It is a new alchemical science that also treats everything with frequencies in the range of ultrasound to radio frequencies. The frequency that is created by producing two frequencies simultaneously is called the mean and this is the important one, as well as interferometry.

Bell’s Theorem

Energy medicine actually gets into Bell’s Theorem and quantum entanglement. Photons emitted from the tissue contain information on the quantum and energy state of that tissue or matter that it is emitted from. Altering that signal, or information pattern that is emitted also changes the resident signature due to quantum entanglement. One copy is intrinsically linked to the other across the intervening space. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance,” and Tesla called it “an invisible wire connecting across space.” Fritz Albert Popp showed that there are window frequencies involved in this, most notably in the radio, microwave, infrared and ultraviolet bands. Each one connects to a different cellular mechanism- and the microwave window is attuned to the microtubules inside the cells that control the intercellular communications network. This identifies self from non-self, and is directly connected to the immune response. As the frequencies rise, and the wavelength falls, each increasingly higher window frequency is keyed to a different cellular component. This is also of significance in energy medicine, as a broadband approach addresses several different biological structures simultaneously.

The CPT Invariance and Energy Medicine

There is a rule in physics called the CPT Invariance, expanded in Bearden’s “Lost Unified Field Theory of James Clerk Maxwell” into CPTEGS, or Charge, Parity, Time, Energy, Gravity, Entropy. When one changes, all of them change. How is this relevant in energy medicine? In the electromagnetic wave, half of the wave is positive, and half negative. Also, the magnetic vector changes every half alternation of the wave. In the CPT, or CPTEGS expansion of the invariance, when the vector reverses, time is also reversed, as we see in the EM wave. So therefore, half of the EM wave is in positive time, and the other half in negative time, making it inherently time neutral. However, in reality there is a slight “bias” on the wave, and these interactions with the electron shells take place in positive time, which induces positive entropy. If we introduce a nonlinear medium that we can input a pump wave into, a “time reversed” replica can be generated that is mostly in the negative time domain. This takes in a biophoton emitted from the tissue containing entropy, or a disease state, and couples it with its “anti-wave” that is in phase spatially, but 180 degrees out of phase in the time dimension. This is similar to what happens in the Bose noise cancelling headphones, where a second sound wave is generated 180 degrees out of phase in equal amplitude, cancelling out the original noise. In such a manner, the “noise” of a disease signature can be likewise cancelled and the tissue returned to it’s healthy state. This can only happen when the tissue has less entropy in the past than the present, which is usually the case. Antoine Priore’s machine, which also produced time reversed waves to a certain extent, did this, and he remarked that the mice seemed to appear younger, or more youthful. Priore did not have the clinical resources to test for telomere changes, or collagen cross-bonding, a signature of aging effects, so his observations were not verified. This will be added to our protocols for evaluation purposes.

The Russians have also discovered the language of DNA and how it emits light frequencies, as well as the laser. It is the way how everything is connected to the universe and therefore we are all connected between us, as seen in Bell’s Theorem. It is the melody of the universe that also expresses the theory of superstrings.

Marysol feeling the reaction of the Nitrogen plasma with her magnetic field

Elizabeth mounting the technology of one of the instruments